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The King Said: LEARN FROM ME

Special Note From Dr. Myles Munroe. author of best-sellers.

Early one morning in 2006, I was in my office studying the Scripture Matthew 11:29
“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (New International Version)
As I meditated, three words in the verse grabbed my attention: “Learn from Me”. As I pondered their meaning, I felt a profound sense of urgency.

I felt that the Spirit of God was leading me to teach on that verse for more than just one Sunday; He wanted it to be the subject of my sermons for the entire year. So, I did just that. Every Sunday that year, I spoke to our congregation,
Centro Diplomático, on King Jesus’ words, “Learn from Me”.

Each time I taught from Matthew 11:29, I asked God to illuminate me to find the precious pearls contained in the passage. Knowing that the deep mysteries of the Bible are undetectable to those who are in a hurry, I patiently waited in meditation with the Lord so I could absorb all the riches He had hidden in those words. Without fail, the Lord rewarded my
patience by revealing the great wisdom and meaning in that verse.

This book does not encompass all the teachings, exhortations, directions, and loving suggestions that Almighty God gave me during that unique experience, but it does provide a comprehensive review of what I learned.
I assure you that what I present in this work will be a spiritual feast and tremendous blessing!
My friend, I hope this book inspires you to approach the Word of God with the pick and shovel of Biblical curiosity, that the central message of 16 ◆ Walter Koch ◆

this work resonates in your heart, and that you will be able to apply its lessons to your daily life. If you do, I am confident God will generously respond to your intense study of His Word with His eternal truths and profound revelations on the process and power of Learning from King Jesus.

Dr. Walter Koch